Caustic Soda

Sodium Hydroxide has the chemical formula NaOH, and is better known as Caustic Soda. 

It's a whitish solid, easily soluble in water. This is a strong base, which should be handled with care. In Bondalti, Sodium Hydroxide is supplied in bulk, in concentrations of 32% and 50%.


Sodium Hydroxide is co-produced in sodium chlorine electrolysis. Chlorine, sodium hydroxide and hydrogen are obtained from the electrolysis of sodium chlorine in aqueous solution, designated chlor-alkali process. 

For quite some time, electrolysis with mercury amalgamation was the most common process, however, the consequences for the environment led to its replacement, by most demanding manufacturers, with non pollutant technologies. Bondalti was one of the first manufacturers to implement membrane cell electrolysis. 

Sodium Hydroxide, or Caustic Soda, is used in adjusting pH, producing biodiesel from vegetable oils, cleaning bottles, in flotation (paper pulp and paper industry), drying air, extracting alumina (aluminium industry), cotton mercerisation (textile industry), leather tanning, peeling vegetables, manufacturing chemicals (intermediate use), regenerating resins and softening water. Consumers use it for stripping metals or unclogging pipes.

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