At Bondalti, we are united by innovation for the sake of people's well-being. We are the largest Portuguese chemical industry and we are inspired by the same passion as the company's founder, Alfredo da Silva, who 120 years ago showed that it was possible to invest in national genius and excellence. 

We manufacture chemicals that are essential to everyday life, and in the modern welfare society. Furthermore, we are expanding in complementary areas, such as water treatment.


We produce in the Iberian peninsula and we operate internationally. Italy, France, the United Kingdom, the Czech Republic and Germany are just a few examples of the destinations of our products. Bondalti ranks first in Aniline sales in Europe, as a non-integrated producer, it is the largest Iberian producer of Chlorine, and it exports more than 90 percent of its total production.


Bondalti is part of the José de Mello Group – a recently reconstructed economic group with a stable, nationally based shareholder structure, and one of the largest Portuguese business groups. But other than just figures, Bondalti cultivates values: Innovation, Competence and Human Development. It is considered an excellent employer, working in partnership with the main Portuguese universities, but it also has projects with research centres in Spain, the United Kingdom, Germany and the United States, among others.


This experience accumulated over several generations, this knowledge that has gone through several industrial and technological revolutions, reinventing itself through Innovation, is the main capital accumulated by Bondalti. A capital of trust and quality. A capital that is a guarantee of the future.

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