Chemistry in Bondalti's DNA

Bondalti is the biggest Portuguese producer in the chemical sector, having finished a project, in 2010, to double its production capacity in Estarreja, for both the production of organic chemicals - aniline and derivatives – and of inorganic chemicals - chlor-alkali products

The production in Estarreja is mainly destined for exportation. Bondalti is the main seller of aniline in the European market and one of the main producers of chlor-alkali in the Iberian market, as well. Bondalti's industrial facility in Pontevedra, in Spain, is also instrumental for achieving this.


Regarding a more modern and disruptive chemistry, Innovnano opened an industrial facility, in the end of 2012, with innovative technology focused on the production of nano-structured ceramic materials, creating products with unique characteristics and enhanced applications, thanks to its production process.


Bondalti is a producer of industrial chemicals of excellence, with a wide experience, that always aims to use the best technologies and practices available, systematically introducing improvements to its operations and always permanently upgrading its processes. In the production of aniline, one of its main products, Bondalti employs proprietary technology, as well as in the production of nanomaterials; with chlor-alkali, a more sustainable technology is used more efficient and environmentally sound. The performance attributes and quality of its products are paramount.