As a mission, Bondalti wants to create an innovative and sustainable Chemistry that contributes to a better world.

Bondalti's Vision is to be a renowned chemical partner on the global market, known for long-lasting relationships, based on its range of high-quality innovative solutions, ensuring superior safety and environmental standards, creating value for employees, shareholders, clients, suppliers and the community.


The company Values, which are intrinsic to and consolidated in the José de Mello Group, namely a culture of quality and protection of the environment, continue to drive our performance, being conducive to our development and the satisfaction of employees. In 2018 Bondalti officially integrated an additional value – Responsible Care, a value which the company already carried within its core since its foundation.


Here are the four vectors that guide all of Bondalti’s activities:



On a par with continuous improvement, Bondalti seeks disruptive approaches to the sectors where it operates.



With over one hundred years of history and experience in industry, Bondalti has gathered a highly competent team in the fields of management, operation, maintenance, construction and revamping of industrial units.


Human Development

Bondalti invests in people as a pillar for competitiveness and performance.


Responsible Care

At Bondalti, endeavouring to maintain high quality, safety and environmental protection standards is a daily job, seeking to add value to surrounding communities.