As a mission, Bondalti wants to create an innovative and sustainable Chemistry that contributes to a better world.

Bondalti's Vision is to be a reference chemical partner in the global market, recognized for long-lasting relationships based on innovative, high quality solutions that ensure superior levels of safety and environment care, generating value for employees, shareholders, clients, suppliers and the community.


Under the company's intrinsic values, consolidated throughout the José de Mello Group, a culture of quality and of defending the Environment are its main force of action, leading to its development and to employee satisfaction.  


These are based on a triad that guides all of Bondalti’s activities:



This is one of the main catalysts of change and the broadening of possibilities, leading to the discovery of new and alternative solutions and avoiding routines through an ever-present spirit of anticipation.



Determination and rigor are demanded, with the aim of creating solutions and decisions based on knowledge and consistency. Besides this, quality, deadlines and value are the other unquestionable foundations.


Human Development

We believe in people and in their unique potential, encouraging them to grow with the organisation and its their challenges and experiences. Only then will it be possible to count on the individual contribution to obtain collective results.