Hydrochloric Acid

Its formula is HCl. At room temperature, Hydrochloric Acid is a colourless of yellowish gas.

It's usually an aqueous solution, with no colour and a very strong odour. Even in weaker concentrations, it's still very active, and is sold as Muriatic Acid, an effective remover of humidity stains in several surfaces. It's one of the gastric acids occurring in our stomach.


In Bondalti, Hydrochloric Acid is supplied in its commercial shape, in bulk. Industrially, this product is obtained by the hydrochloric gas in demineralised water. In turn, hydrochloric gas is obtained through the hydrogen combustion in gaseous chlorine. The discovery of hydrochloric acid is attributed by some to a Persian alchemist, Abū Mūsā Jābir ibn Ḥayyān, however, it was most probably discovered somewhere in the Middle Ages. 

The large scale production of hydrochloric acid started in the Industrial Revolution, currently used mostly in metalworks, in environmental applications, water treatment, pH adjustment and in the chemical industry. Vinyl and polyurethane production are but a few of the main uses of the 20 million tons of Hydrochloric acid produced every year.

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