Its chemical formula is C6H5NO2. This is an oily liquid, not soluble in water, which can be colourless or light yellow, with a strong smell of bitter almonds.

Frozen nitrobenzene has the shape of yellowish-green crystals.


Nitrobenzene was produced for the first time in 1834, by the German scientist Eilhardt Mitscherlich. The process used at the time is still used nowadays: treating benzene with a mix of water, nitric acid and sulphuric acid, at 60°C. In Bondalti, Nitrobenzene is supplied in bulk.

In the European Economic Area, the production and use of nitrobenzene takes place under strictly controlled conditions and is necessarily confined to the objective of transformation into another substance. Thus, over 90% of the Nitrobenzene currently produced by Bondalti is used in Aniline production, and the remainder is used mainly in the chemical and pharmaceutical industry – the manufacture of the well-known paracetamol, for example, requires Nitrobenzene.

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