Sodium hypochlorite

This substance has the formula NaClO. If highly diluted, this product is commonly known as bleach.

In Bondalti, Sodium Hypochlorite is supplied in bulk. It's obtained from the cold absorption of gaseous chlorine in a sodium hydroxide solution. The current production method is the Hooker process, in which Sodium Hypochlorite and sodium chloride are made by running chlorine through a diluted solution cooled with sodium hydroxide.

Sodium Hypochlorite was discovered in 1774 by the Swedish chemist Karl Wilhelm Scheele, and its whitening properties were shown eleven years later by the French Claude Berthollet. Bleach powder, a combination of chlorine and milk of lime, was introduced by the Scottish scientist Charles Tennant in the late 18th century, having remained the main whitening agent available until 1920, when it was replaced by liquefied chlorine and sodium hypochlorite. 

Sodium Hypochlorite is currently used in water treatment, textile whitening and in cleaning products production. Home hygiene and disinfection are still its main current uses.