Sulphanilic Acid

Its chemical formula is C6H7NO3S, and this product is also known as p-aminobenzene sulphonic acid.

Sulphanilic Acid produced in Bondalti is a crystalline white solid, slightly water-soluble.

In Bondalti, Sulphanilic Acid is industrially obtained from the hot reaction between aniline and sulphuric acid, subsequently purified, crystallised and, finally subject to drying and bagging. It's supplied packaged in big-bags or in 25 kg bags.

From the modern uses of Sulphanilic Acid, the production of colourings for textile and food industry stands out, as well as optic whiteners for paper and detergents manufacture.  


This substance is also at the basis of known sulphamides, important medications used from the early 20th century to treat streptococcal infections, having contributed to save countless lives.