Innovation Policy

Bondalti believes that innovation is currently one of the key drivers for sustainable development and global competitiveness, enabling the continuous improvement of its processes and products.

Accordingly, Bondalti's strategy is to promote a culture of innovation across the company, based on the conviction that the exploitation of internally-generated ideas is crucial to:


  • continuously improve our processes;
  • increase our efficiency;
  • increase our profitability;
  • constantly improve the reliability of our.


The progress of economic globalization and market expansion make it essential for Bondalti to strengthen and use, with a strategic approach, its intellectual capital.

Consequently, the protection of intellectual property is carried out by means of a close management of the Patent Portfolio and the establishment of contractual arrangements with key stakeholders, ensuring the sustainability of our activities and future growth.


In 2012 the Innovation Committee of José de Mello Group was established (Brisa, Efacec, CUF e José de Mello Saúde), aiming at mutual cooperation by stimulating knowledge and experience-sharing best practices.



The strong investment in the areas of Research, Development and Innovation by Bondalti Chemicals has resulted in the certification of its Research, Development and Innovation Management System by the Portuguese standard NP 4457:2007.