Culture of Innovation

At Bondalti, we believe that innovation is an essential driver for sustainable development and global competitiveness, through the continuous improvement of processes and products.

Taking into consideration its mission, vision and values, as well as its activity and market positioning, Bondalti has defined its corporate strategy and identified six key areas of Innovation.

Our Six Key Innovation Areas

Industry 4.0

Topics such as automation, Industry 4.0, big data coupled with Artificial Intelligence, Internet of Things and other concepts are in the process of practical implementation in the chemical industry in general, and at Bondalti in particular, and will lead to new ways of operating and acting. Bondalti is well aware that the power of digital tools is in how they fit into your strategy and how they can work together to create a significant impact on your business model. For this reason, technology is seen as a means to an end and will be implemented based on the business strategy.

Circular Economy

Acting for the climate has gained prominence in our way of being and we believe that the chemical industry will play a key role in the transition towards a greener and circular economy. The chemical industry, which is aligned with these objectives, and Bondalti in particular, will be an integral part of the solution, not only for the value it creates through the products it makes available to society, but also for all the projects it is developing for the environment and climate transition.

Portfolio Diversification

Bondalti products have key functions for the well-being of society and an important role in various areas, among which are the production of polyurethanes (MDI), the manufacture of pharmaceutical products; the treatment and purification of water, whether for drinking or recreational purposes; disinfection and cleaning, among others.  After being almost exclusively dedicated to the production of industrial chemicals, Bondalti has expanded its activity to water treatment. Entering into this new business area, as well as being a new path of growth for Bondalti, reflects the company’s commitment to acting for a sustainable future.

Operations Optimisation

Resulting from a strategic initiative and with the objective of mapping, accelerating and boosting initiatives, the Effectiveness and Efficiency Programme was created at Bondalti in 2020. The specific objectives of this Programme are aligned and anchored in the principles of effectiveness and efficiency of the operational strategic plan, and the intention is for it to take on an important role in the growth of the business and the increase of competitiveness, supported by Bondalti's commitment to sustainability.

Emissions Reduction

Bondalti believes that participating in the transition to an impact-neutral society is not just an option, but a necessity, and is both a challenge to overcome and an opportunity to build a better future for all. With this goal on the agenda, Bondalti is committed to taking a proactive role in achieving climate neutrality. It developed its Climate Transition Programme in 2020, in which it accepted the challenge of transformation, aligned with the long-term strategy established by the EU, to achieve a carbon neutral economy that is more responsible in terms of environmental impact.

Energy Efficiency and Integration with Renewables

The nature of its production forces Bondalti to manage energy in a planned and monitored way, with various projects and initiatives underway aimed at the continuous optimisation of processes and the search for energy efficiency. Positioning itself as a leading company towards carbon neutrality, as part of its Climate Transition Programme, Bondalti has set ambitious goals for the topic of "Energy and energy efficiency": Operating with 100% electricity from renewable sources by 2030 and increasing the energy efficiency of operations and infrastructures.

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