A tribute to seniority

Bondalti honoured its longest-tenured employees, paying tribute to those who, in 2020, completed 25, 30, 35, 40, 45 and 50 years of work in the company.

This celebration, which is usually a festivity, this year has been restrained due to the pandemic. Thus, the employees received the souvenirs that signalize these important dates in a small event, which was attended by their Management and representatives of Human Resources.


The exception was Luís Filipe Frade de Oliveira, who celebrated no less than 50 years of work at Bondalti. A milestone of great importance, that was solemnized with the souvenir being hand over by João de Mello, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Bondalti, with due regard for all the health regulations that the moment requires.


Bondalti thanks each of these employees for their dedication throughout the years.