Bacteria: we can’t live without them

Another podcast “Ciência com Impacto” (Science with Impact) is now available, produced by Bondalti. Find out more about bacteria and their importance to life as we know it.

Researcher Tânia Caetano talks about the “superbug” NL19, discovered in an old uranium mine by a team from the University of Aveiro, and which may have applications in medicine, veterinary and the food industry. And explains how research in microbiology can help fight multi-resistant bacteria and provide renewed effectiveness to antibiotics.


As an active partner of the "Ciência com Impacto" initiative, Bondalti oversees the production, direction and diffusion of the podcasts, which are then available on the usual platforms, for audio, and on YouTube, for video. They are also broadcast by Radio Voz da Ria, that lends the studios, and by the newspaper Diário de Notícias, with a fortnightly column that publishes the podcast and an interview edited from it.


Check out this latest podcast here (only available in Portuguese).