The 13th International Chemical and Biological Engineering Conference (CHEMPOR 2018) took place from October 2nd to 4th, at the Cultural and Congress Center of Aveiro. Sponsored by Bondalti, it is the main congress of biological engineering and chemistry that takes place in Portugal, considering its attendance and also the quantity and quality of the presentations.

Paulo Araújo, Technology, Process Engineering and R&D Manager at Bondalti, is the only corporate representative at the Congressional Scientific Committee, and his presentation, which took place on the first day of the event, was "R&D+i at Bondalti". In addition to this participation, two poster communications from Bondalti were accepted at the congress, and there was also an oral presentation of work done at the company, in collaboration with the university.


Organized regularly in Portugal since 1975, this meeting is, in essence, a forum for discussion of recent developments and future paths in different areas of chemical engineering, science and materials engineering, biotechnology and biological engineering, bringing together scientists and professionals from Industry and Academia.