Challenges for the future

In a webinar promoted by the Smart Waste Portugal Association and the Serralves Foundation, André de Albuquerque, member of the management of Bondalti, spoke about the role of the chemical industry in the journey towards sustainability. In the much that has been done and in the challenges for the future.

Sustainability has long been part of the daily reality of the chemical industry, stressed André de Albuquerque during the panel “Reindustrialization for circularity”, referring to the reduction in the last 30 years of “electricity consumption by 13%, of oil by 30% and the emission of greenhouse gases by 58%, doubling the consumption of renewable and biofuel energy, exceeding the average of the manufacturing industry in Europe” in reducing energy intensity.


But there is still a way to go and the “carbon issue” is challenging: “Contrary to what is possible in energy production, it is not possible to decarbonise the production of a set of organic chemical products that are essential for us to have elementary goods of our day-to-day, like a refrigerator, a car or medical equipment, without which we would face a huge civilizational setback”, explained the executive director of Bondalti.


The chemical industry is, therefore, an “inevitable actor” in the decarbonization of the economy, and Bondalti takes on the challenge with a significant fostering of circularity. “At the Estarreja Chemical Complex,” exemplified André Albuquerque, “we started to produce a third of our chlorine sales from a by-product of the main customer, replacing the traditional raw material (salt) and consuming only electricity with a very significant renewable percentage”.