The value of Bondalti's investment in R&D and Innovation activities shows the company's commitment to continuous improvement and increased competitiveness.

Throughout 2017, Bondalti invested €2.9M in research and development activities, with the aim to improve its manufacturing processes – namely aniline and mononitrobenzene – and for the development of improved products in the area of nanostructured materials. It also invested around €1.9M in Innovation activities, seeking to improve the support and internal organization functions. In total, the value of the investment in R&D and Innovation accounted for 10% of the EBITDA.


And because Bondalti believes that sharing knowledge and experience is decisive for the effective development of R&D and Innovation activities, in 2017, of the 75 projects underway, 47% were carried out in partnership.


R&D and Innovation activities are coordinated through a Management System implemented and certified at Bondalti Chemicals and implemented at Innovnano, divided into six processes: Knowledge Management, Idea Management, Interfaces Management, Project Management of RDI, Intellectual Property Management and Surveillance Management. These processes are periodically evaluated for continuous improvement.


João de Mello, Chairman of the Board of Directors, said that "Bondalti is an innovative and knowledge-based organization and is continuously committed to improving its processes and pursuing its strategic objectives, being the published results an example of the efforts made."