Bondalti invests 3 million euros in RDI in 2019

Innovation is one of Bondalti’s strategic fronts, both in terms of increasing competitiveness and as a tool open and accessible to all, boosting its employees’ enthusiasm and motivation.

Last year, the company invested around three million euros in RDI activities. Of this amount, 33% was allocated to R&D activities, in particular to operational efficiency in production and the development of new scientific knowledge. The remainder was invested in innovation, in response to technological and organisational improvements.


In all, in 2019, 58 RDI projects were developed, 50% of which took place as partnerships. A total of 70 workers were assigned to activities in these areas, along with seven doctoral students and one master’s student. The tangible benefits of this RDI Project Management are reflected in greater knowledge of aniline/MNB and chloro-alkalis, as well as in improvements in safety and personnel development.


Ideas Management, put into practice through the Colombo project, which harnesses the employees’ initiative and creativity, is of major significance under the ambit of innovation, leading to continuous improvements in safety, environment, well-being and productivity.


Access this link for more information on the main RDI activities developed throughout 2019.


For 2020, we are committed to continuing these investments.