Throughout 2018, Bondalti invested around 3M € in research, development and innovation activities. 65% were devoted to R & D, focused on improving manufacturing processes, and 35% to Innovation activities, seeking to improve its corporate functions and internal organization.

At Bondalti, the management of R & D and Innovation activities is carried out through a Management System divided into six processes: Knowledge Management, Idea Management, Interfaces Management, Project Management of RDI, Intellectual Property Management and Vigilance Management. These processes are periodically evaluated, through an exhaustive analysis of the results, seeking continuous improvement. This year, this system’s certification was renewed, which shows Bondalti's and its top management commitment to RDI activities.


Because Bondalti believes that information sharing, and knowledge exchange is decisive for the effectiveness and efficiency of the RDI activities, in 2018, of the 71 RDI projects in progress, 61% were carried out in a partnership.


R & D and Innovation activities are key factors in achieving the medium-long-term objectives and increasing the competitiveness of Bondalti, so the company is committed to continue to invest during 2019.