Bondalti is committed to both climate and digital transition

In 2020, Bondalti invested around 3.3 million euros in RDI activities, focusing on climate transition and digital transition. Two challenges that are projected into the future and that will require more and more disruptive innovations.

Due to the impacts of the Covid-19 pandemic, 2020 was a challenging year for Bondalti, but also a year of significant accomplishments, such as the entrance into the water sector and the beginning of the productive activities in the Torrelavega plant.


In this challenging year, Bondalti invested around 3.3 million euros in Research, Development and Innovation (RDI) activities. From this amount, 25% were allocated to R&D activities, with a focus on operational production efficiency and on the development of new scientific knowledge. The remaining amount was invested in Innovation, providing solutions for technological improvements and strategic opportunities.


Overall, 52 RDI projects were developed in 2020, of which 29% were carried out in partnership. 67 employees were allocated to these activities, along with three PhD and three master’s students. The intangible benefits of these RDI projects were reflected in the reduction of energy and raw material costs, in the increased efficiency and safety of industrial processes and in the improvement of sustainability and efficiency in the use of natural and energy resources.


2020 was also a year in which Bondalti announced its Digital Transition strategic programme – which aims to use new technologies to enhance competitiveness and serve Bondalti's business model. This was also the year in which Bondalti assumed a new commitment for the future: achieve carbon neutrality by 2030, thus having a clear role in the climate transition. A goal aligned with the European Green Deal.