Bondalti joins the Water Management Pact

Bondalti joined the Water Management Pact, an initiative coordinated by the Catholic University with the goal of placing the topic of water at the center of the agenda of companies in Portugal.

The Water Management Pact, which has the participation of several Portuguese industrial companies, implies the adhesion to a manifesto and the commitment to adopt more sustainable and efficient measures in the management of this essential natural resource. Its objective is to prevent risks associated with water management and promote its value as a fundamental resource for business.


Bondalti is doubly committed to this process, as, in addition to having already assumed the efficiency and reuse of the water it consumes in the industrial process as a primary management objective, it also has a business area of ​​solutions for water treatment, through its firms Enkrott and Aema, with numerous projects and initiatives aligned with the principles of the manifesto. It is, in fact, through this valence that the company participates in the Reuse workgroup, an area where Bondalti has a lot of experience and numerous success stories and relevant technologies in the water treatment business.