Bondalti participates in innovation management debate

Inês Ribeiro, Strategic Planning, Innovation and Sustainability coordinator at Bondalti, is one of the guests at the next Innovation Talk, promoted by the National Innovation Agency (ANI).

Inês Ribeiro will talk about innovation management and ISO standards on March 4, at noon. The topics that will be addressed include Portugal's experience in implementing innovation management systems, as of NP4457:2007, and the international standardization activity in ISO and the future ISO 56001 of innovation management systems requirements. Bondalti's case is analysed from the point of view of a company that applied an innovation management approach based on the requirements of the existing standards.


The debate is moderated by Isabel Caetano, who chairs the Technical Commission 169 coordinated by ANI, and counts with the contributions, in addition to Inês Ribeiro, of Joana dos Guimarães Sá, Director of Development at APCER - Associação Portuguesa de Certificação, and Gustavo Marques, Director of the IDi department at Flexipol.


Innovation Talks are promoted by ANI to give voice to some of the main actors of the National Innovation System, in order to demonstrate the importance of innovation as a driver for sustained economic and social growth and to encourage dialogue on current challenges.


These talks are live stream via Facebook, and then become available on ANI's website and Youtube channel.


You can watch it on March 4, at noon, here.