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With the idea "Autonomous Starting System for Critical Equipment", Tiago Silva was the winner of the most recent edition of the Bondalti Colombo program.

Create a layer above the control system, to keep the agitators running, avoiding problems in the reaction. The idea of Tiago Silva seems simple, but it took almost a year to be thought out and developed: "I presented this idea in December, right in the final stretch, but I was thinking about it since the beginning of the year. I asked some colleagues for feedback, to see if they found it useful, and I ended up submitting it on the Colombo platform", he says.


Now, his idea was recognized with the first place and a monetary prize in the amount of 6000 euros. "I was not expecting anything", he confesses, "but seeing our work and our commitment acknowledged is always a good thing."


Tiago has been working for six years in Bondalti’s maintenance, in the production of aniline and its derivatives. During that time, he submitted several ideas and suggestions. "Some of them were not approved, but it's part of the process", he says, concluding that "the important thing is not to be afraid to present the idea". This is, in fact, the great advantage he finds on the Colombo platform: "The platform creates a willingness to put forth ideas and solutions. It’s understandable that employees like me, working on the shop floor, don’t have a daily contact with the department directors and the management. But with Colombo, we can present the idea without any barriers. And that's very motivating. "


Open Day Colombo 2019 had 14 ideas in contest, selected among all submitted during the past year. Tiago Silva was the winner, but four more prizes were awarded.


The runner-up was Pedro Lagoa, shift leader at Innovnano, with the project "Dry Screen Dispenser", under which he proposes the use of a simple bucket removed from the waste to carry out the dry sieving process with 150/32 micron ultrasound. He was awarded 2000 euros for his idea.


In third, ex-aequo, were Agostinho Freire, with "Crusher with aspiration of vacuum catalytic. Elimination of P502 ", and Dulce Silva, with "Follow the color line". Each received 1000 euros of incentive.


"Water recovery in the aniline tanks" was proposed by Nuno Vidal, and won him the prize for the most sustainable idea, awarded with 1000 euros.


The 2019 edition of Open Day Colombo was attended by guests José Luís Figueiredo and Sandra Silva, of Dow, who spoke about innovation.


From Bondalti, João de Mello, Chairman of the Board, and the managers João Fugas, Luís Rebelo da Silva and André de Albuquerque attended the event.