Agostinho Lamego, of the Bondalti Maintenance area, was the winner of the 2018 edition of the Colombo Award, the company's employees platform of ideas.

It’s a simple idea – as good ideas almost always are –, includes strong environmental concerns, guarantees safety improvements and reduces maintenance costs. Therefore, those attending the presentations of the Open Day Colombo 2018 soon realized that "Blowing of the Articulations of the Chlorine Loading Arms" was a strong candidate; all but Agostinho Lamego himself, as shown by the incredulous look in his face when his name was announced.


It was at the company’s maintenance workshops that things started to take shape. “I was often called to fix problems in the joints of the loading arms, following complaints that they were losing gas and had to be replaced”, says Agostinho.  “I began thinking that this was not normal. Actually, this was linked to the washing system, that originated continuous maintenance.” And so he began to ponder the problem, thinking of possible solutions. Until one day ... eureka! He realized that if the loading and unloading arms were connected to the emergency absorption, the gas that builds up would be sucked and would cease to affect and damage the joints.


After validation, ​​Agostinho Lamego’s ideia was submitted to an interim installation, with excellent results: "We had no more complaints," he says. Now, following the attribution of the award – which earned him a car, in addition to recognition –, Agostinho and the Maintenance area are applying the idea to all joints of chlorine loading and unloading arms. "It is a gain for the environment and in safety terms as well, since no gas is released", he says proudly.