Bondalti supports the program “Ciência com Impacto”

What is the impact of scientific discoveries on society? And how can they help in our daily lives? These questions inspired “Ciência com Impacto” (Science with Impact), a new initiative promoted by the Centre for Environmental and Marine Studies (CESAM) of the University of Aveiro, of which Bondalti is an active partner.

This program aims to bring researchers and the community closer, extracting scientific discoveries from the laboratory and spreading and fostering them to the general public, through digital channels and field actions. Thematic videos, podcasts and debates are the means to disseminate and discuss topics related to the environment, human health, ecology, the sea and biotechnology, among others.


The three-minute videos and one-hour podcasts are broadcast every other week.


Bondalti oversees the production, direction and diffusion of podcasts, which are then available on the usual platforms, for audio, and on YouTube, for video. They are also broadcast by Rádio Voz da Ria, that lends the studios, and by Diário de Notícias, with a fortnightly column that publishes the podcast and an interview edited from it.


The first video is now available and is led by Catarina Eira, a CESAM researcher, who talks about her work in the area of ​​ecology and conservation of marine mammal populations that occur on the Portuguese coast. The first podcast will be available next Monday, March 16.