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A new product created by Innovnano was highlighted in "Ceramic Applications", an international reference magazine in the field of technical ceramics. The authors of the publication consider that this Portuguese research represents an "exciting development" for the entire industry.

Innovnano, a company belonging to Bondalti, has developed a new zirconia-based ceramic material which makes possible the production of components with unique structural features that meet a well-known need of the global industry. Zirconia, when stabilized with yttrium oxide (or yttria), becomes especially useful for industrial applications requiring high structural strength and fatigue, one of Innovnano's strategic focuses.


The disruption now introduced by Innovnano resides in this unique synthesis process. Until now, the zirconia ceramics components had a challenge still unsolved: lesser introduction of the stabilizing element (yttria) increased the structural strength, but the mechanical performance and fatigue resistance of the final product were compromised.


As “Ceramic Applications” points out, this was a trade-off problem known to industry, but Innovnano has solved it through its research. The Portuguese company of Bondalti has developed a new solution but preserving the structural strengths. As the magazine also highlights, the new product called 2YSZ (corresponding to 2 mol % yttria) was achieved thanks to Innovnano’s patented technology named Emulsion Detonation Synthesis (EDS).


The formulation 2YSZ is the latest product to be added to Innovnano's portfolio. Its unique properties make it suitable for heavy duty applications, especially those requiring a high structural strength material. This product is available from Innovnano as a powder ready for cold isostatic pressing (CIP) and uniaxial pressing, and it can also be incorporated into other formulations, such as aluminas, as well as other cermets.


Innovnano offers to the international market a range of zirconia-based nanostructured ceramics produced using proprietary EDS technology, enabling its customers to benefit from the advantages of this technology in the creation of more efficient products.