As part of its sustainability and social responsibility strategy, Bondalti has signed a collaboration agreement with the ANPC - Associação Nacional de Proprietários Rurais, Gestão Cinegética e Biodiversidade (National Association of Rural Owners, Hunting Management and Biodiversity) in which the company will support financially the recovery of the habitat for the Iberian lynx and imperial eagle on 3000 hectares of the Serpa mountain range, in the Alentejo.

"The protection of biodiversity is one of the subjects in which Bondalti operates," said João de Mello, Chairman of the Board of Directors of the company, adding that "this concern should be a permanent challenge on our agenda, to promote a better and more sustainable world". This new project is a key commitment of that sustainability agenda, as it includes the active management of a vast natural and rural area, which holds the potential to host two of the most emblematic and priority species of Iberian fauna: the lynx and the imperial eagle.


The zone of intervention, which goes by the name of Vale de Perditos, has a strategic location for these great predators, since it is located along a natural ecological corridor. In addition, it is located in the core of the expansion area of ​​the imperial eagle populations and in the middle of the triangle formed by the unique lynx nucleus in Portugal (in Mértola region, further south), by the areas of lynx occurrence and reintroduction of this species in Spain (east), and the area where strong investments have been made to create a new nucleus in Portugal, in the region of Moura-Barrancos, further north.


The challenge is vast, as it looks for visible and tangible results within three years. But it is taken as a mission for Bondalti, as nature care and, when necessary, helping it to improve, is an important path of the company’s Corporate Social Responsibility.


Get to know the project through the brochure that Bondalti has just launched, available here.