The Communication and Marketing teams of CUF and the other companies of the José de Mello Group got together, on April 13, in a meeting that had as main objectives furthering the alignment with the Group's Values, Vision, Mission and Strategy, the sharing of experiences and knowledge and the presentation of new trends in marketing and communication.

The meeting, which took place at the headquarters of the José de Mello Group, included internal interventions on social media management, media relations, internal communication, brand activation, customer loyalty, innovation and regulatory risk, as well as a roundtable on brand management. Three interventions by external speakers addressed the importance of digital trends and teamwork. CUF, besides its participation in the roundtable, was responsible for a presentation on “Relations with the Community”.


In this workshop, José Pedro Cobra presented a lecture entitled “Being (the best) Part”, Manuel Falcão, from Nova Expressão, and Pedro Pinto, from Wingman, spoke about “The Importance of Digital Trends”. This forum was inaugurated by the Chairman of the Board of Directors of the José de Mello Group, Vasco de Mello, who welcomed the participants. Pedro de Mello, the Group’s Vice-President, attended the closure of the initiative.