Employees from José de Mello Group visit Bondalti

In its 26th edition, the program “Get to Know José de Mello Group”, held in late September, was this year dedicated to executives working on the Group for several years.

Usually held for newly recruited young employees, the “Get to Know José de Mello Group” action was, this year, dedicated to showing to senior executives the holding's evolutionary path, to which they contributed over the years with their work and expertise.


The program aims to share the reality of the holding, which is wider than each of its platforms; create internal synergies by sharing knowledge and creating internal contact networks; as well as developing the values of the Group. This year, with this special action, the initiative recognized the work of senior executives, a decision aimed to signal the commitment with the importance of human capital.


As part of this year's program, the executives were shown various facilities of the José de Mello Group companies, namely at Brisa headquarters, Vila Franca de Xira and CUF Porto hospitals, as well as at the Bondalti plant in Estarreja.