The first workshop of the “Exportadoras Outstanding” project takes place next week, on May 8, at the Porto Business School. And Bondalti is a participant.

"New forms of cooperation for internationalization" is the opening subject of the workshop, with Jaime Esteves, Tax Lead Partner of PwC Portugal, as keynote speaker. The purpose is to analyse the competitive advantages of exporting companies as well as business opportunities, within the strategic objectives of boosting Portuguese exports.


The workshop program is followed by a roundtable on "The global market from the perspective of Portuguese companies", which includes, during the Q&A, the participation of Diogo Almeida Santos, Bondalti Senior Advisor.


The closure of the workshop is held by Pedro Ferraz da Costa, President of the Forum for Competitiveness, and Eurico Brilhante Dias, Secretary of State for Internationalization.


After this, there will be opportunities for "one-to-one" meetings between the participating companies, partners and sponsors of the “Exportadoras Outstanding” project.


Registrations can be made by phone (210 987 502) or by e-mail (geral@forumcompetitividade.org).