Bondalti supports once again the Estarreja Carnival, as Golden Sponsor and Education Patron.

It all began in the early 20th century, with the Battles of Flowers, which originated one of the largest and oldest carnival courts in the country. Nowadays, the Estarreja Carnival marks the city rhythm at this time of the year, and Bondalti joins the party.


With more than 2000 participants involved and tens of thousands of visitors, the "Carnival Site" – which has already opened doors and only closes on March 5 – presents an offer that includes the Carnival corses and a extra program that integrates concerts, theater plays and atelier activities. In the “Camarim da Folia Bondalti” there are activities dedicated to families.


Accept the invitation to go and have fun with Bondalti in the Estarreja Carnival, a diversified event where you can experience the Brazilian carnival, the relvery carnival, the carnival of and for the families and the community carnival. Get to know the program at www.acestarreja.pt.