Bondalti was a finalist for the Best Procurement Organization Award, having received an honorable mention.

With a jury from the European Institute of Procurement Management (EIPM), the application included a rigorous assessment of dimensions such as processes, results, business, leadership, strategy, mission, people, society, partnerships and resources. The finalists are distinguished by their excellence in Procurement, providing exceptional performance to the company and demonstrating a high level of creativity, innovation and respect for the environment and society. It is considered one of the most prestigious awards to recognize Procurement functions.


By the end of June, at the "Next Generation Procurement" event, sponsored by APCADEC (Portuguese Association of Purchasing and Procurement), Bondalti was awarded an honorable mention, with only 44 companies worldwide being worthy of this distinction. It is the recognition of what is best done in Bondalti, the creation of value and the commitment of all, especially the Purchasing Department team.