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Bondalti brought together employees and families in their traditional late summer picnic. And for a champion team, an appropriate challenge, with the motto "Champions Bondalti" setting the tone for afternoon activities.

The gardens of the Casa Museu Egas Moniz hosted around 200 participants, among employees of Bondalti companies and their families, from Estarreja, Coimbra, Oeiras, Pombal, Barreiro and Pontevedra.


The inflatables, trampolines and table football made the delights of kids and adults, side by side with the great novelty this year: the Segway tours.


After lunch, and although the heat invited to the siesta, no one resisted the team-building exercise, and dedication to "Champions Bondalti" was total. In a challenge inspired by the Champions League, the guests were invited to participate in eight phases, in a “football” environment in which the teams committed themselves to the achievement of trophies, to make the best report, to be the best cheerleader or to practice the best game of human table football, always in a spirit of pure fun.


For an hour and a half, there was a fantastic atmosphere of total relaxation and animation among colleagues, with everyone doing their best as a team. The last stage of Champions Bondalti required cooperation and determination, in a concerted action to build the company's giant logo.


In Bondalti it is believed that each one is essential and that all, as a whole, are decisive for the final result. And the new name and the new image do not change the essence of what - and who -, effectively, the company is made of.