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The documentary "The Guys in the Blue Uniform”, that features the memories of CUF's presence in Alferrarede, and was supported by Bondalti, premiered on the 23rd, at the 16th Edition of DocLisboa.

Authored by Margarida Cartaxo and Bruno Ganhão, this documentary confronts the past and the present, rescuing old time stories that deserve to be told, by the voice of those who lived it.


The connection of CUF – now Bondalti - to Alferrarede began with the acquisition of an olive oil factory in the early 20th century. This would be the site where the company instaled afterwards the so called União Fabril do Azoto, linked to the chemical sector. Furthermore, with this initial presence came the building of neighborhoods, schools, leisure and health  facilities, in order to meet the needs of the employees.


After the screening in festivals, "The Guys in the Blue Uniform” will enter the public circuits, with a schedule yet to be announced.