How the chemical industry can help deliver on the European Green Deal

Complying with the European Green Deal and Europe's ambition to become carbon neutral in 2050 will only be possible with the help of climate-neutral and circular economy solutions developed by the industry.

As the chemical industry is fundamental to almost every other industry, it has an essential role to play in this new order of things, in which post-COVID recovery has to be seen as a vital opportunity to invest in circular and environmentally friendly solutions, enabling Europe’s economy to thrive globally.


The world is facing huge challenges, to which the pandemic has added a few others, which no one could have anticipated. Only by working together will it be possible to achieve Europe’s ambitions. Watch the video from CEFIC (The European Chemical Industry Council, of which Bondalti is a member) to understand the journey of the chemical industry towards a cleaner, more sustainable and more inclusive Europe.