“Hydrogen plays an important role in Bondalti’s sustainable future”

Diogo Mendes, Bondalti’s Technical, Safety and Climate Action Director, was the invited speaker at the launch of the INEGI “Hydrogen Technologies and Economy” training programme.

With the aim of sharing Bondalti’s experience, Diogo Mendes’ talk focused on identifying and detailing the importance of hydrogen in the company’s productive processes, an analysis of the present and future role of hydrogen, and Bondalti’s green hydrogen projects as integral parts of its decarbonisation plan.


Globally, Bondalti’s Technical Director highlighted the growth of hydrogen in general terms, based on the need to decarbonise the planet, the drop in the price of renewable energies and the costs of hydrogen-producing technologies, as well as the strategic drive of governments and industry alignment. 


Diogo Mendes mentioned that hydrogen will have an impact on many industries, offering both an effective solution for decarbonisation and a business opportunity. “Bondalti has adopted the position of leading player in Portugal in hydrogen”, he concluded. 


The “Hydrogen Technologies and Economy” programme, already in its third incarnation, is an initiative promoted by INEGI – the Institute of Science and Innovation in Mechanical and Industrial Engineering, which seeks to spread knowledge of the value chain, challenges and opportunities of hydrogen. It is aimed at middle and top managers in the energy sector and other industries where energy transition may have a major impact, as well as public or private professional organisations interested in acquiring knowledge in this area.