Innovation and talent at the heart of the José de Mello group meeting

“Inovar3 - Empowering the Future with Talent” was the motto of the José de Mello group meeting with the aim of bringing together teams and elements that promote innovation from all the participating companies: CUF, Bondalti, Brisa, Ravasqueira, José de Mello – Residences and Services and ATM.

Bringing together around one hundred participants, the meeting promoted by José de Mello group was divided into three thematic blocks: “Trends”, “Strategies” and “People”. Societal and technological trends, the sharing of strategies and initiatives, the promotion of work sustainability and the exploration of opportunities and synergies formed the set of ideas and concepts that would result in an enriching debate and revealing of the group's vitality.


Bondalti's intervention began with the participation of Diogo Mendes, technical director, in a debate on the impact of technology on business and society, with a focus on the green transition.


Later, the administrator Luís Delgado participated in a roundtable on projects that are transforming companies, highlighting successful cases and others that revealed opportunities for improvement.