Read Bondalti's Integrated Report 2018, in which the company presents its results and the way it creates value through its strategy.

2018 was a defining year. As a result of a strategic repositioning focused on internationalization and leadership, with the same people, the same values and increasingly ambitious strategy, in May CUF changed its name to Bondalti.


Risk Management was also one of the highlights during the year, developed through a multi-disciplinary project that allowed the strengthening of the methodologies to be adopted in this practice.


Bondalti’s 2018 economic results were very positive, posting EBITDA of €M 50, an increase of 22% in operating results and 11% in net income.


It was also in 2018 that Bondalti started the revamping of Bondalti’s chlor-alkalis plant in Torrelavega, Spain, expected to be operational by the end of 2019. It was necessary because in July 2018, following the end of the public domain concession, Bondalti ceased Elnosa’s sodium hypochlorite production.


This report that Bondalti is now sharing with its stakeholders transparently reflects its activity during the year 2018. It can be consulted here.