José Manuel de Mello Award

António Mesquita de Sousa, from Bondalti, and João Paço, from José de Mello Saúde, were the winners of the first edition of the José Manuel de Mello Award.

José de Mello's Executive Committee has justified the exceptional double attribution to the professional profiles of both nominees, who, over the years in which they work in the Group, have demonstrated “an unusual ability to combine competence with a strong entrepreneurial and fulfilling spirit”.


This award aims to highlight the day to day experience of the values ​​conveyed by José Manuel de Mello, founder of the Group, namely Dynamism, Creativity, Persistence, Determination and Vision for the Future.


Delivered every two years, at each José de Mello Group Staff Meeting, this award elects the winner among the staff participating in the meeting, excluding the members of the José de Mello Board of Directors and / or Family Council. The winner must have achieved, in the last two years, a success that deserves to be highlighted and in which the values ​​mentioned above have been decisive, and also have a consistent career path, exemplary of those same values.