Supported by its daily commitment to sustainable development, Bondalti has just launched an internal campaign to raise employees' awareness of the harmful effects of disposable plastics.

With the aim of encouraging reuse and, consequently, reducing waste, the first action of this campaign involves the delivery of a reusable bottle to all employees, along with the communication of facts and figures about plastic, to help assimilate the message. Brochures, posters and personalized e-mails refer to the 30 kg of plastic that every European throw away on average each year, the difficulty of their decomposition and the poisoning of the seas, soils and food.


Throughout the year, other actions will follow. Because "There is more chemistry between us and the Planet when we avoid waste."


Stop using plastic is not easy, but when a relationship becomes toxic, breaking up is the best for everyone. See the campaign of the Portuguese Environment Agency on this subject: https://vimeo.com/268056454