Scholarships to support students from Instituto Superior Técnico

Bondalti and the Amélia de Mello Foundation awarded scholarships to six students from Instituto Superior Técnico.

Diogo Bento, student of Electrical and Computer Engineering, Tiago Ferreira and Maria Pedrosa, both students of Mechanical Engineering, and João Dinis Álvares, student of Technological Physics Engineering, saw their scholarships renewed. They were joined, for the first time, by Nuno Fernandes, student of Electrical and Computer Engineering, and José Luís Coelho, student of Aerospace Engineering.


The signing ceremony of the scholarship contracts took place at the end of April, online, and was attended by André de Albuquerque, executive director of Bondalti, and Jorge Quintas, general secretary of the Amélia de Mello Foundation.


André de Albuquerque highlighted the role that “training, and university education in particular, represents for the country's economic and social development” and stressed Bondalti's commitment to its promotion, “particularly in the areas of Engineering and Chemistry, which are those with greater affinity with our professional and business activity”.


Jorge Quintas addressed the scholarship holders, extolling their merits: “You are excellent students, and this is important to praise and greet, as a great example. You are fortunate to be in an exceptional school, and you must study accordingly”.