Bondalti sponsors the Exportadoras Outstanding (Outstanding Exporters) project, an initiative of the Forum for Competitiveness that aims to boost the growth of Portuguese exports.

The importance of exports in the Portuguese economy and the recognition that there is still a great margin for growth in this area has led to the creation of this project that brings together partners, sponsors and high potential exporting companies, with the aim of developing synergies, sharing experiences and cooperate strategically.


As a sponsor of the project, Bondalti is part of the group of specialized companies whose contribution in the various areas relevant to the success of the export activity will help participating companies to become outstanding exporters. As Joao de Mello, President of Bondalti, says, "We consider the sharing of knowledge and experience as a responsibility of companies within the society. We believe that it is from this exchange of ideas that true socio-economic development is born. We therefore support the project 'Exportadoras Outstanding' in the hope that our contribution could strengthen the path of competitiveness and stimulate innovation”.


The first of the four workshops to be held during 2019 will take place on May 8, in Porto, under the theme "Competitive advantages of exporting companies, business opportunities and new forms of cooperation for internationalization".

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