“Social Responsibility is a key element of the corporate project at Bondalti”

André de Albuquerque, member of the management of Bondalti, spoke about the company's impact and contribution to sustainable development, at the conference “A Obra Social da CUF” (“CUF’s Social Work”), as part of the celebrations of the 150th anniversary of the birth of Alfredo da Silva, founder of CUF.

At a time when corporate social responsibility was not of top concern for most entrepreneurs, Alfredo da Silva invested heavily in the social work of the CUF Group. From education and professional training, to social security and assistance, including housing, health, culture, leisure and sport, this policy has benefited thousands of the Group's workers and their families, as well as the community and the surrounding environment.


Bondalti, heir of CUF – Companhia União Fabril, also inherited the humanist spirit of its founder and maintains corporate social responsibility as one of the pillars of its operations. “In an era in which the world is looking for new models of sustainable development, companies have a crucial role to play in the future of society as a whole”, said André de Albuquerque.


The international certification "Family-Responsible Company", the subscription to the Responsible Care program, and the participation in the Community Advisory Panel of the Responsible Care Program of Estarreja (Pacopar) are just a few examples of Bondalti's involvement with its employees, the community and the environment.


“Bondalti takes an active stance towards the pursuit of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, in the certainty that Social Responsibility begins with the choices we make and the commitments we take on towards the community”, concluded André Albuquerque at the conference organized by the Amélia de Mello Foundation, in collaboration with Católica University.