Sustainable development is part of Bondalti's corporate values, not only concerning industrial production, but also in its connection with employees, society and the Planet.

In Portugal, 370 tons of plastic are produced per year, in a cycle of weak recyclability and waste that must be interrupt. The microplastics (particles smaller than 5 mm) have invaded our beaches and now begin to invade our food chain, transported in the stomachs of the fish we eat.


Focused on the chemistry between us and the Planet, Bondalti is promoting a campaign to raise awareness of its employees on the issue of disposable plastics, seeking to encourage reuse and reduce waste.


In addition to pertinent information, transmitted in leaflets, posters and personalized e-mails, employees received a reusable bottle and, most recently, a thermal lunchbox. The environment is spared and energy is saved, as people are able to enjoy healthier, home-cooked meals, without the use of cutlery or disposable dishes.


Changing our habits is the first step, but the problem of plastic is already so serious that this, by itself, is not enough. Thus, Bondalti challenged its employees to help in this fight in a more practical way, in an action of cleaning and depollution of an arm of the Ria de Aveiro. Dozens of people responded to the challenge, ensuring that the garbage collected – mostly plastic –would not reach the sea.


And because the environment needs attention every day, this Bondalti campaign will continue in the future. After all, "There is more chemistry between us and the Planet when we avoid waste."