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Chlorine - The chemistry of life

In the beginning was the salt. Then, this sodium chloride, decomposed into chloride, caustic soda and hydrogen, creates a wide chemical chain, the chlor-alkali value chain.

The chemistry of our imagination

Chemistry is part of our everyday life, providing us with security, health, and comfort. Watch the video and recall Bondalti's role in this global chemistry.

Hypochlorite versus COVID-19

Bondalti's efforts to assist in the fight and mitigation of the consequences of COVID-19, through increased production of sodium hypochlorite and subsequent donation, are now documented in a video. See below.

Marine life

Get to know, in the video, the story of “Pequena”, a friendly seal injured by a shark attack that appeared on the Portuguese coast on the last day of 2019, and is now recovering at the Marine Animal Rehabilitation Center (CRAM), with the support of Bondalti.