CUF changes brand to Bondalti

CUF, the chemical industry business area of​​ the José de Mello Group, officially announces the change of its corporate identity, assuming, from now on, a new brand called Bondalti.

The new Bondalti brand, which succeeds the historic CUF brand, is the culmination of a strategic repositioning process, which now enters a phase of more growth, more ambition, more innovation and, most of all, more internationalization.


The new brand translates a business strategy more geared towards the global market, which is made of change, innovation and challenges. 


The new brand is one of the variables in the process of business transformation and growth and assumes the commitment on strengthening the company's status as a reference partner in the international chemical industry.


The strategic repositioning of the company allows Bondalti to reinforce its status as the main non-integrated European producer of aniline and nitrobenzene and to create the conditions for a leadership position in the chlorine market, which has also been reflected in the recent acquisition of a manufacturing unit in the Spanish region of Cantabria.


The new Bondalti brand features international phonetics of Iberian origin and allows a clear link between the word "Bond", which means "connection" in English, and "Alti", which has a Latin origin and refers to elevation, ambition and leadership.


From a graphical point of view, the Bondalti logo immediately shows the first letter of the new brand and, on a closer look, represents a visual game that links chemistry and industry. The hexagon, a symbol of chemistry, is the starting point for the suggestion of a geometric block with a chimney. The graphic form is clear, without being obvious, and invites to the understanding and perception of Bondalti 's areas of focus. 


The signature - Evolving chemistry - consists in a double meaning concept: a chemistry that evolves society and a company that follows the evolution of chemistry.


In this way, and from now on, we will be known as Bondalti at a national and international level.


We are happy to make this announcement and share it with you, with the certainty that we are witnessing a turning point in the history of the company.