Making Of Bondalti

Changing a brand, creating a new name, cultivating a new identity, is a huge challenge. Something that demands creativity, planning, determination and collaboration. It is a collective task, transversal to all areas. But changing a brand is, above all, a new opportunity. For growth and internationalization.

Adopting a new brand is a highly challenging moment for the whole organization, and for each of its employees. To change one’s name and identity means to be aware of the challenges posed by the market and knowing how to respond to them. It is a unique occasion for a new strategic alignment, an opportunity to embrace new goals. Driving for more growth, more ambition, more innovation and more internationalization.


According to João de Mello, President of Bondalti, "the new brand translates a business strategy more geared towards the global market, which is made of change, innovation and challenges that we will respond to efficiently, creating value for all”.


Bondalti 's President added that "the new brand is one of the variables in the process of business transformation and growth" and that he is committed on strengthening the company's status as "a reference partner in the international chemical industry ".