Nanostructured Materials

Being a part of Bondalti, INNOVNANO provides the international market with a range of zirconia-based nanostructured ceramic materials produced using a patented technology known as Emulsion Detonation Synthesis (EDS), allowing its customers to benefit from the advantages that its innovative technology provides - enabling the next generation. In turn, customers benefit from the technical and commercial advantages this technology offers to established and emerging industries.

INNOVNANO benefits from decades of priceless experience in developing new processes and commercialising new products. Based on this technological platform and with a wide cooperation programme, with industrial and scientific partners, INNOVNANO produces several high quality nanostructured ceramics, evidencing excellent physical, chemical and mechanical properties.

In January 2012, INNOVNANO built a modern industrial site in Coimbra that allowed it to start producing its products on a large scale. 

The new production centre grew based on a modular philosophy, making it easier to expand in the future in face of the rapid growth of demand observed in several sectors. Its patented process allows for using raw materials from sustainable sources, ensuring reliability and continuity of supply. The current nanostructured products portfolio of INNOVNANO includes several types of yttria stabilised zirconia. 

Thanks to this innovative technology's customisation ability, INNOVNANO's Research and Development team is able to discuss step-by-step the specific requirements of each customer, with a capacity to supply simple, binary or ternary structured oxides. Nanomaterials are mainly distributed to customers located in Japan,America and the UK.

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