Sustainability Commitment and Strategy

At Bondalti we want to contribute toward a more sustainable world, by fostering economic growth while integrating principles we consider to be essential, such as innovation, competency and human development, relationship with the local and scientific community, and minimizing environmental impact, throughout our value chain.

"Thus, we are committed to using natural resources in a more efficient and beneficial manner towards the environment, offering value to our customers and stakeholders, and, at the same time, promoting an improvement in the quality of life for current and future generations.


In this scope, Bondalti has incorporated environmentally friendly policies and practices in its businesses and activities, integrating innovation and creativity with the principles of sustainability, with the objective of operating in a way that promotes energy and materials' preservation, as well as reducing waste created by each activity. We're also committed to helping our suppliers and customers in analysing, decreasing and managing their own impact and environmental risks.

A key element in this commitment made by Bondalti is central management, and anchoring this issue at the level of the Executive Committee, thus taking the concern of sustainability to all levels and functions of the company.


Our strategy is based on identifying and evaluating sustainability relevant opportunities for the company, risks associated to these opportunities, and the proper objectives, initiative and regulations definition, implementation and monitoring, aiming for the adoption of more sustainable practices.


In this regard, we intend to ensure a growing environmental responsibility on our activities and relationships with suppliers, customers and the community in general, offering our contribution to a more sustainable society”.

João de Mello, P.Eng. President of Bondalti's Board of Administration