A cross-cutting commitment

At a time when the world is searching for new models for sustainable development, Bondalti believes that its Mission makes more sense than ever: To create innovative and sustainable chemistry that contributes to a better world.

Bondalti has a holistic view of sustainability, observing each of its principles - environmental, social, government and economic - and guides its development in a joint commitment with all its stakeholders. This is the work of each individual one and of the collective. 


In matters such as decarbonisation and climate transition, the chemical industry will be a key player in the production and storage of green energy, recycling and recovery of waste, availability of products that promote energy efficiency and the adoption of forms of sustainable mobility, or even the capture, storage and use of carbon dioxide. Aligned with these objectives, Bondalti will be an integral part of the solution, not only because of the value it will create through the products it makes available to society, but also because of all the projects it is developing for the environment and climate transition.

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