Bondalti at PACOPAR

Through PACOPAR, Bondalti has deepened its Social and Corporate Responsibility, tightening its relation with the Local Community, contributing to an integration action of the Estarreja Chemical Complex (CQE) to increment Safety, as well as Health and Environmental Protection. 

The Community Advisory Panel on the Responsible Action Programme —PACOPAR, founded in 2001 by a partnership between Bondalti and the remaining companies located in the industrial site, referred to as Complexo Químico de Estarreja (CQE), is a group of joint action aimed at improving the local community's quality of life in order to promote sustainable development by applying the principles of Responsible Care.


In 2005, PACOPAR’s work deserved international recognition through the European Responsible Care Award of CEFIC.


In this context, we highlight the participation of Bondalti in several projects:

  • Creation of the Civil Protection Permanent Support Office, in the Volunteer Fire Department of Estarreja, aiming to respond to any emergency call in the council. This 24/7 Office's maintenance costs are funded by Bondalti and other chemical companies of PACOPAR;
  • Creation of medical emergency folders, with safety information sheets regarding all chemical substances used in the CQE, provided to hospitals Infante D.Pedro and São Sebastião, to reinforce those hospitals' response capability in case of emergency;
  • Organisation of seminars and visits to companies, for the medical community and for firefighters, to inform them about emergency plans and chemical products used in the CQE;
  • Signature of the Estarreja Mutual Help Protocol, between chemical companies and a transportation company, to develop mutual help actions and to create synergies to face emergency situations, including annual simulations and training;
  • Funding and participating in environmental studies about Estarreja, developed by the University of Aveiro;
  • Seminars for schools, specialised entities and the general community, on the subject of civil protection, environment and health;
  • Open Doors Days held by chemical companies to allow for visits to the factories by schools, city council members, and community associations;
  • Regular simulations at the CQE, involving several civil protection entities;
  • Planting trees and developing projects to plant trees and vegetation in areas surrounding the CQE;
  • Educational actions for schools, with workshops and shows with educational and entertaining purpose, such as the Chemical Week in 2011, and Science4You workshops;
  • Providing help to schools in making their emergency plans and in undertaking simulations;
  • Annual funding, with approximately 16,000 Euro, of a donations programme to non-profitable local entities to improve the quality of life in Estarreja;
  • Publishing an annual magazine and promoting other communication actions to improve the information given by chemical companies to the Local Community.