The Stakeholders

Bondalti values its stakeholders, i.e. the employees, but also clients, the community, shareholders, suppliers and remaining partners.

Its stakeholders are mapped according to their degree of impact in the Organization and vice versa, and this Stakeholder Matrix is periodically updated.

Knowing that the success and sustainability of the business depend on its stakeholders, Bondalti has implemented a range of different mechanisms to pro-actively develop these relationships so as to act in line with the interests of its partners. Listening to stakeholders every two years is one of the most relevant interaction mechanisms, allowing the identification of their main concerns, expectations and interests, which is key to define Bondalti’s strategic areas of action and improvement opportunities.


Stakeholders auscultation plays a relevant role for the redefinition of the Organisation’s strategy and material topics. Material and relevant topics are associated with performance indicators so that it is possible to monitor and improve Bondalti's performance, as well as mitigate its impacts.