The Volunteer Program

Bondalti encourages its employees to participate in the Volunteering Programme transversal to all the companies in the José de Mello. 

This Volunteering Programme is incorporated in the Grupo José de Mello’s social responsibility stance. This derives, on one hand, from the commitment to develop a social responsible corporate actuation in the present and in the future, and, on the other hand, to honour Grupo CUF's historical legacy, that was, at the time, an example of pioneering in advanced corporate policies towards citizenship.

Also, a programme of this nature and dimension allows employees to offer their talent and skills for a common and uniting cause. This is also a way for Grupo José de Mello and the companies within, including Bondalti, to face its commitment with society, not only encompassing patronage or philanthropy, but also as a strategic and long term sustainability-driven reason.